Illinois facts webquest

Subject: Social Studies-5th Grade

Teacher Name: Mrs. Sheryl L. Gates

Illinois Facts


How much do you know about the state of Illinois? What are some interesting facts, landmarks and things that make Illinois great?


Use the links below to research the Illinois symbol, flag, bird, tree, flower, etc. Why were these symbols selected? Who were the first settlers? When did Illinois become a state? Find any other interesting facts about Illinois that you think are important.


This is a group project. Since there are 20 students, there will be 5 groups of 4; Groups will be randomly selected by the teacher. Your team will have two weeks to research and develop a PowerPoint on Illinois facts. Please use clip art, photos, graphics and sound to enhance your project.



Students will do an oral presentation with a PowerPoint on the various facts about Illinois. Each student in the group will talk about their interesting fact. The presentation should be about 5-7 minutes. There will be a rubric attached for grading guidelines.

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Come take a look at the new playaways in the library. A playaway is an HD audiobook with headphones. Here are the titles we have:

The Lightning Thief

Go Ask Alice

After Tupac and D Foster

Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery (25 copies)

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CICS-Longwood on Facebook

Go to the CICS-Longwood Facebook page and become a fan. We need your support. Thanks!

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Overdue Books

If you have any overdue books, please send them to the library asap. If you are unsure of any materials you have out, please call me at ext. 2153.

Mrs. Gates, Librarian

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High School Science Fair

Collegiate Academy will host its annual science fair for grades 9-12 on December 15, 2010 at 4:30 P.M. in the west cafeteria. The theme is “Math and Science Gateway to the Future”. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Jones at ext. 3314.

Mrs. Gates, Librarian

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Veteran’s Day

Hello All:

Veteran’s Day is Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010. This is a day where we honor men and women who fought to preserve our freedom. Please see websites below for information, lessons, etc.

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Welcome note

Hello Staff and Students:

Welcome to the first CICS-Longwood Library blog!!!!! I look forward to your posts. Please post comments, read posts, ask questions, etc. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs. Gates, Librarian

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Tech-Integrated Lessons

Please get those tech integrated lessons to Sandra Smith before Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010. You may post them in the First Class staff center, email to her directly or complete the monthly technology integration map that was posted in the first class staff center.

Mrs. Gates, Librarian

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Are your students ready for the science fair?

Here is a list of websites for science fair projects:

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Mrs. Boisseau’s and Ms. Maura’s science classes

Thank you to Mrs. Boisseau (October) and Ms. Maura (November), they brought each of their science classes into the library for Information Literacy. The students learned how to write research papers using MLA and APA. They took Cornell notes in their science notebooks.

The students however will be using APA format for their science research papers.

Mrs. Gates, Librarian

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